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I shared a reflection from Sunday’s Mass readings in my newsletter, which is published on Patreon every Monday. This week, I’m talking about this line that stood out to me at Mass:

“I bear the marks of Jesus on my body.” (Galatians 6:17)

It’s a painful thought, I know, and I wondered what this could mean for me — for you. What it looks like in our lives and in relation to our bodies.

How do we bear the marks of Jesus on our bodies? How do we live in a way that signifies to others that we are His followers, that we are faithful to Him?

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Now, this week’s must-reads:

+ A really short story about St. Maria Goretti, and how she offered up her suffering in the hospital, that most people don’t know.

+ “Bear the Whole Fruit Tray: Infertile, Still Fruitful”

+ “Marriage Holds Us Together When We Fall Apart”

+ “Miracle Approved” (Fulton Sheen!)

+ Our Lady of Perpetual Help and those little details in her icon…

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