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my husband!”

I saw my friend Katie say that, and I love it. (Had to use it here, Katie!)

This week (September 8th to be exact!) marks three years of marriage with this handsome fella!


In that time, I’ve learned a few things, so here goes:

3 Things I’ve Learned Through 3 Years of Marriage

  1. Life is unpredictable. And I mean this in every way possible… For starters, in the way that your lives change as the two of you become one — you may have known that’s what was going to happen, but I bet you didn’t know exactly how it might hurt (growing pains!) and how it might heal. In the way that you can’t possibly know what, “in sickness and in health” means until you’re living those vows out. In the way that you can’t possibly foresee how God uses your spouse, and the suffering either one of you endures, to sanctify you and make you a better, holier woman and holier marriage. In the ways that children aren’t a guarantee but an extremely generous gift.

2. You have to be the face of mercy to your husband. This is seriously the best thing you can do for yourself AND for him. He should work on being the same for you. I’m not talking about the kind of mercy that is only about forgiving and forgetting (although both are still really important!); I’m talking about the kind of mercy that guides you to ask for forgiveness, to go to confession, to do penance, and to truly, “sin no more.” I’m talking about talking like Jesus to one another, and acting like Jesus towards one another.

We have the great responsibility of guiding our spouses to Heaven, and so we must ask ourselves each week how we’re doing that for our spouse; are we imitating Jesus’ love for them, are we bringing them closer to Him through the sacraments and through our love of the Lord? And, this one is so important to me, you should try as you can to extend the love the two of you share to the people closest to you. Because the day you get married is the day you, “stop thinking about yourselves and (you) start thinking of others!” (Fr. Jason Kuritz). It’s easy to let other work overwhelm you and to stop working on yourself and your relationship with your husband, but this is the most important work you will do in this lifetime other than working on your relationship with God; put everything else aside.

3. That my husband, as wonderful and as awesome as he is, cannot be my everything and he cannot be my first priority. He’s gotta come second to God, and I also need friendships outside of our marriage. Our friendship, the one between him and I, is something that I can’t even just use the word, “friendship” to describe — because it is SO much more than that and in so many ways. And since I have something that is SO much more than that, I can also use something that is just a little less than that… and that something is friendship and community; friendship with faith-filled women. It is life-giving and it is one of the best things for my marriage.

I want to add just one more thing!

4. The best thing you can do for your spouse is to commit to work on your own spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health. It’s easy to look at our husbands and want them to change, but the bigger transformation will happen when we work on ourselves. Our goal is to become a saint, and so we must encourage each other to become the best version of each other. We have to start with wanting that for ourselves, and doing the work.

In marriage, whether it’s three years or thirteen, you will grow, you will change, you will move forward, you’ll take a few steps back, you’ll suffer, and you’ll feel freer than ever before.

Love is truly empowering, and especially if it’s the sort of love that imitates the love Christ has for us. And that kind of love can sustain us through anything.

Happy anniversary to my husband!!!

Before I show you some pics of our big day, three years ago, first be sure to check back here on CWCL for my Anniversary Round-Up Series which starts on Tuesday, September 8th! We’ll be hearing from 25+ Catholic Wives about what they’ve learned through their many years of marriage! 

Now here are a few pics I’m sure you really wanted to see 😉










“God Gave Me You” was our first dance. Still tings true: “God gave me you for the ups and downs, God gave me you for the days of doubt. For when I think I’ve lost my way, there are no words here left to say, it’s true, God gave me you…”