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Ask yourself, -What will my Father in Heaven think--

For a long time, I’ve struggled with worry over what other people think.

About what they think about…

+ what I do

+ how I look

+ what I’m wearing, and

+ how I act

Essentially, I’ve worried about what other people think about me. 

But am comprised of so much more than just those things.

I’m made up of many unseen things, too.

But even those things are seen.

They’re seen by the One who matters the very most — the One whose opinion I should care about far more than any other…

But there are still plenty of days that His opinion gets cast to the side when I worry about what other people think.

It’s feels easier to get caught up in that sort of worry when so much of our lives are online right now; here on the blog, or on Facebook or Instagram.

And then I read something like this, below, and I’m jolted back into the present moment — a moment that can’t be experienced or felt or lived in with any sort of fear, doubt, or concern about others’ thoughts — a moment that God gives us to remember Him.

St. Katherine Drexel wrote:

“Manifest yourself. You have no time to occupy your thoughts with that complacency or consideration of what others will think. Your business is simply,

‘What will my father in heaven think.'”

My best guess at understanding the first half of that thought is that she’s saying we ought to reveal ourselves entirely to God and care more what He thinks about the state of ourselves — and our souls — as opposed to how proud we may be of ourselves, or how worried we might be about what others are thinking.

Easier said than done, right?

I think this is one of those things that takes time and intentional practice before it becomes a habit.

But if you’re going to worry about what someone else thinks, we should only be worried about what God thinks — about what He thinks of what we do on a daily basis, of how we present ourselves, of how we model His love to those closest to us.

I’ve been working on it. 

It’s something I need to be reminded of daily. 

And I think you guys know that when I need to remember something, I get out my sticky notes. 😉

Untitled design (8)

How do you put into practice things like this — how do you help yourself remember to think of Him throughout the day and what He’s thinking? Whether He approves of your actions, your decisions?

I’ll leave you with one other good reminder. This one is from Saint Thomas More:

“I do not care very much what men say of me, provided that God approves of me.”