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medium_14524207345I really liked this post over at Catholic Stand about encountering God in our daily lives.

This particularly stood out to me:

“If I get caught up in just getting through the workday and collecting my pay without remembering what I am called to do, I recall a nurse from my Bible Study group who works with the terminally ill. I asked her if she talks about God to her patients. She told me that she often tells them that the Lord loves them, and is always with them to comfort them, and lead them to heaven when their time comes. What a blessing to have someone like her to be with you at this most defining moment in your life.

“However, I also realize that it’s not just the terminally ill that we should treat this way. Father C. John McCloskey says that every person we encounter, the mailman, the clerk, our neighbor is an encounter with the immortal and the eternal. They all have an immortal soul, and our conduct with them will endure for all eternity. His words reminds me to help and comfort everyone I meet, and if they have an illness or injury or other problem to tell them that I’ll pray for them.”

I actually think about this pretty often — about the opportunities we have, even in just passing moments, to share some of God’s light and love with someone else.

It’s hard.

Because sometimes I feel like I’m just going around getting things done, checking off to-do lists and running other errands. And when I’m on the go, I don’t often smile and take the time to ask someone how they’re really doing when I’m checking out at the grocery store, and ask if I can pray for them. I usually try to get things done as quickly as I can…

So sometimes, lately, I’ve been reminding myself to slow down. Not necessarily for me, although it is good for me to slow down. But I’ve been reminding myself to slow down — for someone else. For whoever it is that I run into at the check-out line. For the mom who looks like she can use a hand for a minute or two. For a stranger.

They can use it.

I can use it.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

You can read more here.

photo credit: Transformer18