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medium_3184149164Here’s a good one for you —

“What if tomorrow morning you were to wake up and think:

I must get those paints out.
I must dust off that keyboard.
I must make amends.

I must look at that course catalog.
I must make that call.
I must fill out that application.

I must take her to that museum that we keep passing by.
I must get that family reunion in the books.
I must buff that camera lens ‘til it shines.

I must lace up my running shoes.
I must plan that trip.
I must plant that garden.

I must quit this job.
I must go after my dream.
I must start living … really living.

Time has seemingly sped up a bit as I’ve gotten older. Do you feel it, too? One day it’s Monday, the next it’s a week from Tuesday. So much time can pass us by without us really living — in each moment, in each day.

I want that to stop. I want us all to take some time to live — really live.

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photo credit: kkalyan