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The online Pray More Advent Retreat begins this Sunday! Our goal with the retreat is to prepare our hearts and minds to receive Jesus when He comes to us at Christmas — but also, to be aware of His presence in our everyday lives, and to prepare for when He will come again. ❤️

This year, we have four awesome speakers and sixteen talks — each with a study guide and transcript. You can watch them as a video or download an audio link to listen to ’em on-the-go. I personally like listening to them in the morning or while I’m working in the kitchen.

More than 30,000 people joined us for this retreat last year. Hope you’ll join us this year!

The retreat is entirely self-paced; all of the materials are available the first Sunday of Advent (this Sunday, December 2nd), and we check in once a week until Christmas with a suggested list of which talks to listen to & when.

You sign up for the retreat here:

To give you an idea of the types of talks you’ll get if you sign up, here’s one I thought you would enjoy:

Knowing & Doing the Will of the Father:
Not Everyone Will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven
by Pete Burak