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5461679460_82c59b5bc3_zYesterday morning, my ears wouldn’t stop popping. It was strange. Then later in the afternoon, I started to hear a high-pitched ringing in my ears. It wasn’t too loud… until it was, when I was trying to fall asleep. For hours on end, I heard that high-pitched ringing.

Thankfully — and I mean VERY thankfully (thank you, God!!), I woke up and it was gone.

My morning routine is pretty simple and has been unchanged for years, really. I always like to put on some music or tv — something in the background as noise, even if I’m not really tuning in to it. I’ve always liked the background noise. In some ways, I’ve always found it calming… Until it was a high-pitched ringing in my ears that I couldn’t control or turn off.

This morning, though, I’ve been sitting in silence.

I’ve been listening to that silence. I’ve been thanking God for that silence, and for its peace, and for its stillness.

It’s one of the most beautiful things.

And clearly I’ve been taking it for granted.

It’s something so small… but when I didn’t have it, I desperately wanted it back.

Is there something small in your life that maybe you’ve been taking for granted?

There are so many things, especially so many small things, that we take for granted daily — things we overlook, things we don’t think twice about.

Maybe today you can think about those things, those small things… and thank God for them.

That’s what I’ll be doing.

Like St. Teresa of Avila said, “In all things, give Him thanks.”

I think we can all learn how to better carry our crosses once we become truly grateful for the beauty and goodness that do exist in our lives. Being grateful for the opportunity to suffer in union with Jesus Christ? That’s hard, and we’ll have to keep working on it — and working on it, and working on it. But being grateful for what He has given us through His suffering and through His love? We can start there.

Thank you, God, for this day.

photo credit: John Hope Photography