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The best reads this week:

1. “Jesus, I trust in You. I give you the finished, the unfinished, and what is yet to come. Take what I offer You today and make it radiate Your glory. You are the beginning and the end of all things. Hallelujah and Amen.” – Sarah from Every Moment Loving

2. As ‘one flesh,’ (married couples) become living icons of God’s love in our world, building up the Church… Christian spouses thus receive a special consecration and a special mission: to manifest in simple and daily things the love of Christ for his Church, giving themselves in fidelity and service.” – Pope Francis

3. Death with Dignity: A friend recalls last minutes of John Paul II’s life

4.‘Thy will be done… Totus Tuus.’ Pope John Paul II wasn’t expressing desperation, but submission to God’s will.” These were the last written words of the Pope.” – Dan Lynch Apostolates

5. Whether it’s all the tasks that need to be done at home, or all the children you need to feed today, or all the meal plans you need to make before you go to the grocery store… Whether it’s a chronic illness that leaves you feeling weak and fatigued… Whether it’s the loss of someone you loved dearly… Whether it’s worries about your work, your job, your finances… In whatever circumstance you find yourself in today, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of despair (I’m working on it too). It’s officially the Easter season (yes, we keep on celebrating!), and Jesus Christ has risen. His resurrection gives us hope. His resurrection truly gives us life — and life in full. – Hallelujah is our song

6. “In the life, the suffering, the death and the rising of Christ, God Himself is almost shouting at us: ‘This is how much I love you. This is how much I desire your happiness. This is how much I claim you for my own. This is the extreme to which I will go to finally and completely win your hearts.”Bishop Jenky

7. “My sister, even if you are a cradle Catholic, we are all called to conversion. Regardless of who we are or where we live in the world, Jesus calls us each to a radical change of heart.” – A letter from Sarah Carey for The Catholic Woman

8. “Practicing joy and gratitude when nothing seems to be changing is infinitely worth it. The waiting changes ME. I trust that if I am present and intentional during this fallow season, my fields will be full of a glorious harvest when I can finally plant again.” – Audrey Assad

9. “But as much as I long for deliverance, for delivering grace, I see the exquisite blessing in sustaining grace. It’s not about getting what I want; it’s about God giving me what I desperately need: himself.” – Vaneetha Rendall Risner

10. “The only thing we can do when it is us asking “why” or feeling abandoned or begging God to make this suffering a bad dream is to look at the Cross and cry with Jesus. Because He does cry with us. He does feel the pain we feel and He does completely understand what it is like to pray for something and to be handed a death sentence for an answer. And He also understands when we shake our fists at Him and tell Him this is not fair and it sucks to the thousandth percent.

“He didn’t agonize in the garden, suffer in His Passion and died on a cross so we would have to white knuckle it through our own suffering pretending that it does not break us and make us question everything. NO, He did all of that so that we could know that we are not alone in our suffering. From the beginning to the end, we are not alone. He is always with us and He knows exactly how much it sucks.” – Leticia Adams

11. What does the Church say to infertile couples about their sex life?

12. “When we die and go before God He will not ask us scripture verses by heart… He will ask us if we were who we were placed to be. For me that’s what holiness is” – In Memoriam, Brother Anthony Freeman, LC (1988 – 2018)