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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “Temptations are easy for me to fall into. I’m good at convincing myself that the sin isn’t really so bad, or I feed myself the lie that because it was far easier for Jesus to fight off temptation, I should get a free pass. He did it, but I can’t. But Jesus did have to fight. He faced temptation in the most profound and challenging way: standing face to face with the devil who tempted Him to eat bread (while He was starving), tempted Him to prove His power (to someone who doesn’t believe in Him), and tempted Him to take the easy way out of His ministry (and avoid the Cross).” – Katie Prejean McGrady, BlessedIsShe

+ “My fasting is not meant to stop with me. It is meant to drive me outward. There’s a reason fasting is only one of three Lenten practices. Prayer is the way we hear the voice of God. Almsgiving, charity, justice – these are the ways we manifest God’s mercy in the world. Fasting is not merely for me. It is for Us, the Body of Christ, and those whom we can reach with his healing touch. Lord, how are you calling me to love you in the poor and vulnerable this Lent?” — Samantha Stephenson

+ “I can think of no greater tragedy than to die and discover I had deluded myself, simply living happily on the surface and missing out on the core reality of what it means to be fully alive, in relationship to other people and God.” — Melanie Jean Juneau

+ Ask Mary to help you grow in love this Lent

+ “Did you know that there are really only six precepts/rules that the Catholic Church instituted for Catholics to adhere to?”

+ “I need to say no more than I thought… I need to say yes more than I thought…” — Emily P Freeman

+ 5 Powerful Marriage Habits for When You Feel Like You’re Just Roommates Taking Care of the Same Kids

+ I got this really great advice the other day: When you start to get frustrated, take a 2-5 minute retreat before the Crucifix. So many times, I wait for my big escapes. Mom’s night out, a long hot bath, a grocery trip by myself. But until then, I let the frustrations build and build. Daily life can be crazy. When it starts to get under your skin, don’t wait until your next night out to unwind. Instead, step away in the moment. Go stand in front of a Crucifix or an image of the Sacred Heart or Divine Mercy. Spend just a few minutes with Jesus. Breathe. Take a break. Talk to him. Receive his grace. Then get back to work, refreshed and renewed to engage in your daily life, frustrations and all, with peace and virtue.” — Sara, To Jesus Sincerely

+ In this week’s Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Newsletter, I wrote about how we need to know God’s word to be able to respond during moments of temptation and doubt.

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