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medium_426973819Here’s a great post — what 10 priests have to say about contraception.

I wish more priests spoke publicly (and proudly!) about how hurtful contraception can be for marriages and families, and — maybe more importantly — how good it can be for a couple to not use contraception.

I especially liked this reflection:

“Contraception is wrong for many reasons, one of which is because the pinnacle and pattern of marriage is the union between Christ and his Church. And Jesus does not use us as objects or treat us with indignity, but makes us fruitful for eternal life by giving himself totally and completely to us through the teachings of the Church and the sacraments. This model of true love needs to be more present in marriages today. Marriages that practice contraception are not truly grounded in the selfless pattern of Christ and his Church, but base their conjugal relations upon a self-gratifying moment of pleasure, preferring to use each other as objects rather than give themselves completely to the other, and this contraceptive way of life produces little, if no, fruit (children) at all.”

I don’t believe contraception allows spouses to express the full meaning of love the way it was intended: selflessly, generously, without holding anything back – even your fertility.

photo credit: Shemer