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medium_9401396666You must have heard about GMO foods by now.

And hopefully you’ve heard enough to know that they’re not safe.

The recent results of a long-term, peer-reviewed study prove that GMO foods are ‘anything but safe.

In this study, pigs & cows were fed a common diet of GMO corn and soy.

It turns out, the pigs and cows suffered digestive and reproductive disorders as a result of the diet.

What’s particularly note-worthy, though, is that the human digestive tract is very similar to that of pigs…

“With scientific evidence like this provided by scientists who aren’t funded by Monsanto and GMO corporations, the world has an opportunity to see just how malevolent these institutions are, who develop and disseminate these altered, health-killing crops.

You can read more here.

So what can you do? Stop buying and stop eating GMO foods. Supply & demand should follow…