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kara“2. It has changed us and continues to change us. Marriage definitely has the power to change you…sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad ways. Work hard on letting it change you in a good way; it’s really up to you. It forces you to see the parts of yourself that you know need to be improved. This definitely can be difficult and uncomfortable. But, it’s inevitable and you’ve got to do it.

“3. I said this in my post A Letter to My Engaged Self, but wanted to share again: “And remember that no one escapes challenges and heartache in this world; don’t be the cause of that for each other. Hold on tight to each other, and be true partners. The two of you will be much stronger united rather than on your own.”

I think these two points go really well together.

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John-Paul & I are coming up on our second wedding anniversary, and we can already attest to these things.

So much has changed in our life since the day we got married.

We’ve changed careers, we’ve moved to a different state, we’re living closer to family now, we’ve dealt with health issues… We feel like we’ve been through a lot!

And it has changed us.

And I know that it certainly could have changed us in many bad ways. Any one of those changes could have made us more miserable, less generous, more selfish…

But I think through grace, through prayer, and good communication, it has changed us for the better…

We hold the steering wheel in the face of change, and we have much more control over how we react to those big changes — together — than over what actually happens.

And that distinction can make a world of difference — whether you’ve been married for one day or for four years.