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19909705668_4408cf945e_zI was just reading Katie’s story about her disastrous honeymoon and all that she’s learned in the past 20 years of marriage, and one thing stuck out to me.

She said there’s something her priest says about couples getting married.

He says, “On their wedding day, the couple doesn’t actually know what true love is. They’re just signing up to find out.”

Isn’t that so true? (And funny?).

I’ve talked about this with my husband and best friends before — that I love my husband way more now, three years into our marriage, than that day that I married him. I’ve learned more about true love in our marriage than I did when we were engaged and dating. And I’ve grown more in true love — in selflessness, in sacrifices, in compassion — in our marriage than I did before.

We really did just sign up to find out what true love was about when we got married.

And we’re still finding out.

And it is an absolutely beautiful thing that this has all happened because of the beauty of the Sacrament of Matrimony and the graces bestowed on the couple, the two of us, once we said, “I do.”

photo credit: John Hope Photography