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I absolutely love cards — hallmark cards, handmade cards, holiday cards, just because cards — you name it! I love when someone picks out a card for you, and I equally enjoy picking one out for the people I love.

So when I found a new blog (Simply Steph Ko) the other day all about cards — creating them, and the message behind them, you’d better bet I stopped and stayed for a while. 😉

A few of Steph’s posts are called “Behind The Card.” She creates really simple, beautiful cards, and this one stood out to me:


And the meaning behind this card is PERFECT.

She writes:

“This cute little saying is perfect for a wedding wish, because a wedding is not the peak of your love as a couple — it’s just the beginning of a new journey!

“As a Christian, allowing love to grow functions as an external depiction of sanctification. Sanctification is the process of becoming more and more like Christ. Throughout a Christian’s life, God will continue to teach and mold you to be holy, as He is holy. As we grow to reflect Christ in our lives, we begin to reflect His love to those in our lives.

We love because he first loved us. – 1 John 4:19

Love learns, it changes, and it grows. Love is not static! And if you feel like nobody loves you, I’ve been there. I felt lost, and unloved, and that’s exactly where God found me, and told me that He loves me.Read more about that here.

Guys, go check out her blog and her cards! Send me one if you want 😉

p.s. this post is NOT sponsored. I just love a good shout-out to someone who is living a similar life and business mission: to live simply and humbly; that He will increase, and we will decrease.