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“Whatever it is that brings you to this point. Whatever it is that has made you weary. In the end—or maybe even in the middle of it all—learn something.

“I don’t know what it is for you, but for me, it always comes down to compassion. Compassion for myself and compassion for my world. In all the (stuff) that happens out there—to us, to those we love, to those we don’t know personally but still find ourselves heartbroken over their suffering—if we take from all of it the capacity to hold compassion in our hearts, then we understand the way to end suffering. Both for ourselves and for those around us.

“If I understand what it means to have compassion for myself and for those who hurt me, then I can no longer hold both love and hate in my heart. And if I have love, then I have peace.”

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photo credit: david_jacquin