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anabelle“The stay at home wife and mother… will use her education, no matter the degree, to teach her most important students, her children, whose souls she is tasked with nurturing. Being freed from her 9-5 office, she will surprisingly discover considerable time to pursue her interests: photography, writing, massage therapy, art, baking, knitting, homeopathy, decorating, music, blogging, craft, or gardening after taking care of home and family. She will shrug off designer purses from Europe a negligible loss to all that she stands to gain. She accepts her femininity, appreciates her fertility, owns her inherent dignity and finds her identity in the Feminine Genius.”

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After hearing from one mom the question, “When did this woman have time to pursue her interests?” I’m thinking this may not be as true for a mom with younger children — or maybe not at all…

But it did still stand out to me.

I can relate to it, as I work from home. It’s a very different lifestyle — to work from home. It does have its own set of challenges, unique to working alone and at home, but it also comes with many benefits of having the freedom and flexibility to discover other interests & pursue those… like all the reading I like to do, and all the gardening my husband & I enjoy.

I’ve never really been freed from the 9-5 office (when I worked as a producer, I was at work from midnight to 9 am), but I do still consider it freeing to be outside of an office and in a more flexible atmosphere that allows me to cultivate my interests.

I also appreciated this woman’s point of view of how a stay-at-home wife & mother will use her education. I think there’s a huge misconception that many stay-at-home parents (be it mom or dad!) aren’t using their education — and that perhaps it was a waste for them to go to college and spend money on receiving a higher education. I really can’t stand that thought. Everything that we learn, all of the knowledge and experiences that we soak up — these things will play a role in how we act as husband & wife, as parents, as a part of the community.

And furthermore, the role & job of parent is — I consider — the most important job there is: molding & shaping your children. And if you’ve gone to school, you will use your degree — you will use what you’ve learned to help nurture your children. It was not a waste.