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exceptionalThis is a longer excerpt than I normally post, but I think so many of us can relate to this — whether you’re single, married, a mom of two or four.

We all have a list of things we just need to get done by the end of the day — and those things can seem so ordinary.

And I wonder, how can I live an extraordinary life while doing such ordinary things? I especially ask myself this when I see what sort of incredible things a lot of other women are doing with their lives. (Comparison is the thief of joy!)

But it’s not what we’re doing everyday that truly matters. I think it’s more about how we’re doing it.


Would you agree?

“Stories of exceptional people inspire me to no end. What am I capable of? What are truly my limits? What grand daring adventure can I pursue that stretches and tests the very limits of my physical and mental endurance?

And then one of my kids interrupts my reverie, “Mom, what’s for dinner?” I promptly fall into a heap, saying, “I just don’t know! Why do you people need to eat every single day? I can’t handle cooking another meal!”

It is at that point that I realize that wild, faithful pursuit of big adventures is so much more attractive than wild, faithful pursuit of the everyday…

I don’t know about you but my life isn’t very full of big adventures right now. It is full of cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, picking up socks and a myriad of monotonous tasks.

So how do we live wildly, bravely and exceptionally in the midst of the ordinary? The dinners that need to be cooked, the noses needing to be wiped and the bills that need to be paid?

We do it by living with wild, exceptional excellence in the small things.”

We do it by performing each of our tasks – whatever they may be – with love!

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