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Last night during our Teams of our Lady meeting (which is five married couples getting together once a month for dinner & discussion about something we’re reading together; it’s a lay movement for married couples) each of us answered the question, “How do you see Jesus in your spouse?” One of the wives became emotional talking about how she saw Jesus in her husband, and she said she thinks this is an exercise we should probably try to do more often — maybe even daily. I couldn’t agree more. To intentionally look for God — and for His goodness in our husbands, and to do it often, is a game-changer, don’t you think? It softens me and my eyes, and my heart. It brings up gratitude and greater love. ⁣

I see Jesus in John-Paul when he’s being understanding of me and how I feel, when he’s incredibly kind and compassionate towards me, and most of all, forgiving. What he offers resembles what I get on my end of the confessional. And I think that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. ❤ ⁣

#Yourturn How do you see Jesus in your spouse? Tag ’em below if their love language is words of affirmation — they’re gonna want to hear this!

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