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This week must-reads:

+ A reminder to not worry about tomorrow. Just be in the present moment and remember God’s present there with you too.

+ An incredibly beautiful read on what trusting God really looks like, acknowledging that it doesn’t mean He will shield us from suffering or pain…

+ I wrote about the theological virtue of hope in this week’s Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Newsletter on Patreon, and how our afflictions help us to live with greater hope.

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+ “Every tear, disappointment and grieved heart is a blank check. If we write our name on it, it is worthless. If we sign it with Christ’s Name, it is infinite in its value. In prosperity, Christ gives you His gifts; in suffering with faith, He gives you Himself.” – Fulton Sheen

+ I’m looking for Catholic speakers! Have any recommendations?? Feel free to mention yourself!

+ Courage doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid. Courage means persevering even though you’re scared. Courage means even though it feels impossible to go on, you keep going, one minute, one hour, one day at a time. Courage means trusting in God.” – Made in His Image

+ “We had prayed for a miracle that had not come, and the result had been nothing less than torturous… What did it mean for us that the miracle had not come? Did God not love us?… Perhaps the Lord is telling us that his love is not measured simply in the physical, in the miracles and the healings, but perhaps even more so, in the absence of those. That his love is shown, even more deeply, in the crosses, the trials and tempests of our lives, in the seeming absence of his power and love. That God permits sorrow and suffering for the very end of drawing us into himself, for an intimacy and sharing-in that could not be achieved any other way than through a share in his passion.” – Amber VanVickle

+ “Our crosses, whatever they may be, are not obstacles to our gifts. They are the way that our gifts bear fruit.” – Elizabeth Kirk

+ “Lord, take my brokenness and make something beautiful today.” — Michael Vanderburgh

* Here are some pictures of the fashion finds & home decor I linked to in this week’s newsletter! *

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