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This is one of those posts I wish I wrote first! So I had to share it with you here 🙂

“The issue of contraception is among the most controversial teachings in the Church, particularly for women. I mean, why should I listen to what some “archaic” institution in Rome has to say about my own body? Why should I follow a teaching that most of my contemporaries would say is outdated, hierarchical, and/or oppressive?”

I used to think this myself…

“Because the goal of the Christian life is not to conform to what the world tells us we need in order to be happy/successful/healthy; the goal is to conform completely and totally to the will of God – His ways, not our ways. As I was listening to Father’s homily, I couldn’t help but smile and nod my head in appreciation and admiration; appreciation for a Church whose truths are unchanging, yet always relevant, and admiration that there are people who are willing to stand and preach the truth, however unpopular.”

She goes on to say — and it’s pretty similar to what I’ve written here before — that the biggest reason why the Church’s teaching on contraception is so important is that it draws us outside of ourselves. Read more about that here.