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8472460878_c254b2e639Two things are on my mind right now: World Marriage Week & Lent.

This week, I’m tuning in to an online couples retreat (The Busy Couples Retreat) leading up to Valentine’s Day, intentionally looking at my marriage and relationship with my husband and with God, and working on making both of those better.

Soon after World Marriage Week ends, Lent begins… And in some ways, Lent can look a lot like World Marriage Week.

During Lent, we’re meant to unite ourselves even closer to God. Lent is about growing closer to Christ, and sharing in His redemptive suffering.

It’s a penitential season, and it’s a time when we can help bear one another’s crosses as we wait for the Risen Christ. And we can do all of these things in our marriages — we can grow closer to the Lord by improving our marriages.

We’re called to help our spouse grow closer to Christ, and they’re called to do the same for us.

So while we wait for Jesus’ Resurrection, while we wait during Lent, let’s use that time to commit ourselves even more to our vocations, to God and to our spouses. Maybe instead of focusing purely on self-improvement during this time, let’s focus on self-surrendering in both of these relationships. That means dying to ourselves, emptying of ourselves, so that God may live even more within our hearts and our marriages.

You can read more about 7 ways you can improve your marriage this Lent here.

Photo Credit: Wedding Photos