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16029693852_0478c836a5_zThe Augustine Institute is releasing a 12-part video series that’s meant to prepare couples for the sacrament of marriage, and to enrich their married life afterwards. It’s called, “Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage.”

It seems that the video series was inspired to help couples know what love really looks like within marriage, so they can fight for that kind of love when they’re stacked against the odds of selflessness, infidelity, self-centered love, pornography and divorce.

Dr. Edward Sri, with the Augustine Institute, said, “Many married couples don’t know what love really is. They don’t know how to love. They don’t know what marriage is and they don’t know of the real graces that are present to them in the sacrament to help in their marriage and family life.”

I think that’s completely true.

There are probably more components to it than this, but I think one small part of the problem is that people don’t completely understand — or were never told — that marriage is more than just an exchange of vows and promises in a church, but that it’s a sacrament — which, by its very definition — is an outward and visible sign of God’s grace.

I think many people are missing out on the truth and knowledge that when you marry in the Church, you receive special — and real — graces that you won’t get anywhere else; and these graces are what equip you to sanctify yourself, your spouse, and others. 

The video series definitely sounds like it’s worth checking out — whether you’re discerning marriage, already engaged, or even if you’re years into your married life. The work of learning to love like Jesus never stops. 

“The Church speaks about self-giving love, but what does this really mean?” That’s one of the questions the video series seeks to answer in “Total Gift of Self.”

Dr. Sri says, “This is what we mean by self-giving love: someone in love is drawn, impelled, to surrender their freedom, to give up this free gift of free will, to commit their will to serve this other person, to serve their marriage union, and to serve any children that may come from that marriage.”

You can read more about the video series here.

photo credit: John Hope Photography