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7692285234_9b063ce1f7_z (1)For many, it’s actually a very hard day to get through — a day that reminds them of what once was, what hasn’t been, or what may never be…

And so these posts, below, are for those women, or for the friends and families of those women, who are hoping and praying and waiting for a baby, or who are mourning the loss of their baby or fertility.

You are not alone.

+ To Those Waiting and To Those Mourning on Mother’s Day, by Kendra Broekhuis:

“To those who are waiting. Waiting to become a mother for the first time, or waiting to watch your family grow: I am so sorry.

I am so sorry for the pain you have gone through. So sorry for the waiting, the agonizing, the questioning, the crying. So sorry for the frustration and anger.

I’m sorry for the struggle to choose joy and gratitude in painful circumstances.

I am so sorry if you, like my friend, have ever thought, “there must be something wrong with me! I am a woman, and my body is supposed to be able to do this, to carry a baby!”

I’m so sorry for the well-intended comments and advice people like to share that sometimes have the healing effect of a band-aid on a broken bone.

I’m so sorry for everything you have been through behind the scenes at home and behind closed doors at the doctor’s office. Behind the smiles and the “I’m so happy for you’s” that you so politely direct at everyone else’s pregnancy and birth announcements. {Not that you aren’t happy for others, but maybe you simply want this kind of happiness for yourself this time.}

I’m so sorry…”

+ Infertility, Miscarriage, and Infant Loss Meditations on the Seven Sorrows of Mary, by Catherine Fraga:

“Mother’s Day is this Sunday. I should be 6 months pregnant and happily planning the arrival of a late summer baby, but I’m afraid my 1st Mother’s Day is not going to be the joyous occasion I had imagined it would be. May is also my birth month and Mary’s month (The reason my parents chose Mary as my middle name). Mary is the perfect model of motherhood and she experienced much sorrow as a mother. So I started thinking…..maybe this Mother’s Day is not going to be everything I had hoped and prayed it would be, but Mary, Mother of all Mothers, offers consolation to a grieving mother’s heart as I unite my sorrows with hers…”

+ Once a Mom, Always a Mom, but Mother’s Day Can Be Tough, by Kim Padan:

“Some studies indicate that as many as 25 percent of pregnancies end naturally in miscarriage. Many women carry to term, but experience a stillbirth as I did. Still others suffer the anguish of losing a child to SIDS. There are many women who have experienced pregnancy, but their children are not around to make breakfast in bed, or pick dandelions from the front yard. To these women I say, “I get it.” This holiday can be tough. But you are still a MOM. Whether God has granted you the blessing of additional children or not, you are a MOM. As pro-life Catholics, we understand that human life begins at conception, not at birth. Every child ever conceived matters in the eyes of God! Every child conceived is gifted with a soul . . . and these innocent ones are in union with God eternally!”

Please join me in praying for all the women who are struggling and suffering this Mother’s Day.

photo credit: John Hope Photography