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While fear is paralyzing, faith has the potential to set us free.

Every single day, we have the option to choose one of those two.

They say that there’s only room for one…

So which will you choose?

Maybe you mean to choose faith, but fear more easily seeps in and takes hold.

I know what that’s like; we’ve probably all had those days, or weeks, or months.

So if you’re experiencing one of those days, this one’s for you: “Moving from fear to faith.” It has a couple of steps to get you started if you’re feeling stuck.

Here’s the first:

1. Pray – We should pray every day for an increase of faith.  As with many of God’s gifts, they are often not granted until we ask.  Make sure you ask for the Lord to increase your faith!”

This one seems so easy, but definitely overlooked.

It feels natural and easy for me to pray that I’ll get through a hard time when I’m going through it, or to pray for a relief of pain when I’m experiencing it… but perhaps it’s more prudent to also pray that I’ll have greater faith to get through those times, and that I’ll have the strength to bear it — that my faith may overcome my fears, whatever may happen.

While we have the choice between faith and fear each day, I think we also need to remember that our spouses are dealing with this choice, too — that our friends and our families are, even — some of them grappling with the struggle, others having an easier time with it.

If it’s the former, I hope that our faith can be strong enough, cultivated enough through prayer, the sacraments and the Gospel, that we can give share some of our faith with them. And when we’re the ones grappling with this choice, teetering on the edge of faith vs. fear, I hope and pray that our spouses or friends and family can share some of their faith with us — because, truly, this is what friendship is for, and that’s what the vocation of marriage is for, too.

photo credit: John Hope Photography