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Here’s what’s been going on these last few days:

+ I wrote about making Christ the center of our lives in this week’s newsletter, including an image that we can bring to prayer to help us lead the Lord to the most intimate parts of our heart.

+ My husband & I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!
❤️ Here’s a funny story from our wedding day.
❤️ And here’s how I saw God’s hand in planning our wedding.

And onto other must-reads:

+ “Jesus knows us. He knows how heavy our burdens feel, even if we feel silly in struggling to bear them. In the Gospel, Jesus compared healing this man’s hand with saving his life because He knew how deep and tender this suffering was to the man. (See Luke 6:8.) And He knows the same about us.

When we stretch out our hands in faith, we offer our whole selves to His mercy. We pour out our hearts before Him. (See Psalm 62:9.) We know that He makes our cares His own and that He came to save every part of our lives.” — Olivia Spears, Blessed Is She

+ “While I don’t believe God wants us to suffer or makes us suffer, I now know that God is with us when we suffer and can use our pain to make something beautiful.” — Catherine Sullivan

+ Ways to pray while carpooling/commuting

+ “How can we ever expect women to stop obsessing about body appearance if we don’t ever stop talking about it? Instead, how about we just stop giving it the mic 🎤 altogether? Because it flat doesn’t matter. It isn’t an indicator or determining factor for HEALTH, HAPPINESS OR HEAVEN.” — Camille Sansouci

+ Why work must always be followed by rest, according to JPII

+ “God forgives immediately.
God forgets our sins.
God doesn’t label us according to our past.
God doesn’t change his opinion of us or love us less when we sin.
God has irrevocably decided he will always take us back.

We are the ONLY limiting factor. The only reason we can’t be forgiven is if we decide we can’t.” – Stacey Sumereau

Here are some pictures of what’s included in this week’s Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Newsletter on Patreon!