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A few quick takes this Tuesday:

+ On Pain & Suffering I Create:

A lot of pain that I’ve experienced has been made worse by my response to it; which is to tense up, to become rigid, and to go into panic mode. To deny what’s happening.

It happens when I’m trying to protect myself and when I’m trying to be in control. But this response to pain and uncomfortable experiences actually creates more pain. A body, and mind, and heart that are hardened have a harder time moving forward and bouncing back. We’ll actually protect ourselves better if we allow ourselves to soften; to open, to keep moving — to be malleable in these situations of fear or being out of control.

So I’m praying this morning that we can all be soft and open as we begin this week, so that we can move through whatever is ahead of us today and tomorrow (and keep moving), and so that we can see where we’re led instead of experiencing the pain of resistance. 🙏 So that we can receive instead. God is with us in every single moment. We can lean on Him. I’ll be trying to, at least. ❤️

+ “The Joy of the Lord is your Strength.” 💪 Nehemiah 8:10

That was the message from my Revelation Wellness workout this morning — or Bible Bootcamp as I fondly call it since it starts with some scripture and it ends in prayer ☺️🙌🏻🙏 I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how I’ve asked God continuously for His protection. For years. And how I’ve felt disappointed at times when I didn’t see Him come through with it, and grateful at other times when it was very clear to me that He did just that.

It’s hard to look back at some of my sufferings, pains and losses and understand why God didn’t protect me from them.

It has hurt my heart to try to love Him, and particularly to trust in Him fully, when I felt as though I sought His protection in the past and was left, “unaided” so to speak.

I know I was never alone, but I think I did feel like that once in a while.

I realize, though, after all this time, that He gave me strength instead of protection. So I was able to endure ( “How would anything have endured, if you had not willed it?” Wis 11:21). So I didn’t turn my back on Him in those trials — really, I sought Him out more fiercely during those times than ever before.

The Catechism says that it’s a joy to recognize our utter dependance on the Lord. And that’s exactly how I felt at my weakest: utterly dependent on Him. And I know (I know it) that beauty came out of that, and so I try to trust that beauty will come out of my current and future sufferings and pains as well, and to look for a gift in the midst of it. Most of the time, that gift seems to be a closeness: to Him and His beautiful people. ❤️❤️❤️

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