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Our online, self-paced Pray More Lenten Retreat begins on Ash Wednesday!

Here’s a trailer for the retreat.

During the retreat, we’ll work on returning to the Lord this Lent: with our hearts and minds, through our prayers and actions.

We have five speakers, 19 presentations — you can watch or listen to them whenever you have the time and wherever you are, and study guides to complement each talk.

You can work through the material on your own or you can do it with your spouse, family, Bible study, RCIA group or Parish. We’re walking alongside you these next 40 days, and we hope you’ll join us for the retreat!

You can sign up here.

Here’s one of the talks from the retreat so you can have an idea of what it all looks like!

“You cannot get to Easter Sunday unless you go through Good Friday.
The cross is what leads to the resurrection, are you able to drink it?”

From Scott’s talk:

“If we’re following the true Savior of the world, the real Messiah, why is it so hard? Why do we keep getting so beat up? Why does the cross keep showing up?

What Mark wants you to know is that if you feel like you keep carrying the cross and it feels too heavy for you, and you feel like everybody’s out to get you and you feel like nothing is working out the way it’s supposed to, well you’re in good company.

Because your baptism pledges you to Jesus and Jesus is pledged to the cross.

And if we’re baptized, we get to walk with Him. But not in a way that leaves us alone. Not in a way that we’re left alone with this big, heavy cross and we just got to suck it up.

No, this is the point of Christianity, when we receive our baptism, we also have the echo of those words of God the Father to his son, and we become His beloved sons and daughters with whom He is well pleased.

But it also means we’re united with Him on His way to the cross. And we’re going to face the cross and we’re going to face trials and hardships and it’s the one thing Jesus assures those who follow him.

He doesn’t say, “If you follow me, you’re going to get a really nice house, and a super fast car and a bunch of money and a well-paying job and everything else,” no. He says, “If you follow me, you’re going to have the cross and you got to take it up, and if you really want to come after me, that’s the way to do it.”

And so he promises his disciples, James and John, he’s like, “You are going to be baptized, and you are going to enter into this.” But what he’s implying is you’re not going to have to do it alone. You’re not going to receive the glory that you think you want right now, but eventually your eyes will be open and because of the baptism that you share in me, the son ship that you share in my identity, I’m going to give you the grace to do the impossible.

Jesus doesn’t come and suffer so that we don’t have to. Jesus comes and suffers and carries His cross so that we are able to.”

You can sign up for the retreat here.