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dating-your-opposite“After four years of marriage to my opposite, I am here to say it can work and that there are numerous benefits to marrying someone who’s 180 degrees different from you. Now if our connection was just about our differences, it may well have been a recipe for disaster. When it comes to what’s important to us, we’re on the same page. We have the same dreams and goals. It’s in the details of how we achieve those goals that our opposite personalities become the spice of our relationship.”

After reading this post, I’m interested to see what you have to say — is a better relationship between two people who are very similar, or between two people who are very different?

In marriage, I don’t think that’s necessarily the most important thing to focus on.

Ultimately, I think it’s way more important to focus on the end-goal of marriage: getting you, your spouse & your children to Heaven!

And you can do that when you’re two very different people — as long as you can agree on how you’re going about that end-goal.