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Here are this week’s must-reads!

+ I’m trying to intentionally focus this week on the qualities of God that we heard about in the Mass readings on Sunday: how He is patient and kind, and how love rejoices & endures.

Which of those qualities comes more naturally to you? Which of those do you struggle with the most? ❤️ ☕ I wrote a little more in-depth about how to intentionally work on these qualities this week in my Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Community Newsletter, which you can sign up for here.

As I’ve mentioned before, when you sign up for that newsletter, you also get access to a private Facebook group for Catholic women (so much fun!). I publish the newsletter every Monday and it always includes: a prayer tip from the Sunday Mass readings, recipes to try (mostly paleo & gluten-free), and links to budget-friendly home decor & fashion finds (this week is a special Valentine’s Day special!).

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+ “It’s a standard of parenting: “Be patient” But what exactly is the virtue of patience? The word patience comes from the Latin verb pati which means “to suffer.” To be patient means to be willing to suffer. It does not mean overlooking injustice. Or telling ourselves that we shouldn’t feel frustrated. Rather, it means being willing to be overlooked or imposed upon. To yield cheerfully in matters of personal preference. The next time you feel impatient, remember, patience is a choice, a willingness to suffer.” – Katie Patrizio

+ Terminate, Interrupt or Choose Life?

+ “Remembering the oneness that the Sacrament of Marriage gives you is key. God is mysterious and how He makes husband and wife truly one is not completely understood, but it is real.” – Amy, Catholic Pilgrim 

+ “Married love is eternal, but it is also daily.”Kathleen Norris

+ This is spot on. “I would argue that our country’s moral erosion began with the lies of contraception.

People were told the birth control pill would “liberate” women. They could be “free” to act like a man and no longer be left with the “burden” of children.

(And people certainly weren’t told about the harmful side effects of contraception or that some forms can even act as an abortifacient.)

But the reality is that as soon as we separated the procreative and unitive aspects of intimacy, members of the opposite sex could be treated as objects, or “mere instruments” to fulfill someone’s selfish desires.

I believe once people were “free” to use other people for sex, that’s when we, as a culture, began to lose sight of the dignity of human life.” — Katie Ratliff, You, Me & NFP

+ “Look. The self-care movement is big now, and I get the appeal of Rachel. She’s cute, she’s funny, she wants you to be better – and who doesn’t want that? But let’s remember to first turn our attention to God, to seek first His will for our lives, and to rest in our identity as his children.

That doesn’t mean I want your dreams to die. But it does mean I hope you eat some cheese sometime without thinking twice about it. It does mean that if you’ve found yourself scrubbing toilets for a living in order to support your family, I think you’re wonderful and I won’t ever tell you that you’ve settled for less. It means that I hope your biggest life goal is becoming a saint, and that you’re working harder for that than you are for any dream vacation house.

Girl, check yourself. In pursuit of our dreams, let’s not forget God.” – Mary Rezac”