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rsz_-i_know_the_plans_i_have_for_you_declaresWhen my husband and I were driving to mass the other day, I told him that I feel a little comforted by God lately… I feel comforted because I can see His hand in many small things in the past, and how He used those small things — which seemed so meaningless and menial — and strung those small things together, and led me to where I am right now.

I can see how and why He gave me the curiosity to read about the saints when I was a little girl. I can see that that would one day lead me to running Pray More Novenas with my husband — where I’m still learning more and more about the saints, and where I’m challenged to be a saint, and where I’m challenged to minister to others – who are, like me, just trying to survive this journey and get to Heaven.

I can see how and why He made me so sensitive. I can see why He made me feel my feelings so strongly, and how He uses my heart, my incredibly sensitive heart, to love better — and more. To be more thoughtful. And more compassionate. So I can relate better to others who are suffering, who are sad, and who are joyful.

I can see why He has allowed me to suffer in many ways… although I won’t say it hasn’t been painful, I can see why He has allowed me to feel so low. I can see that it is through lowliness that He raises you back up. I can see that it is by being low that He shows you the way; through Him.

And by recognizing how He has used many of these things in His plan for me — these things in my past, I am comforted to know — to have faith — that He is using the things that are in my life today, right now, right here, for His plan for me too.

There isn’t one thing that’s happening in my life that He doesn’t have a purpose for. And I may not see it right now, and I may not even see it later on like I am able to with some things in the past right now, but I know that He is working in it all.

And that comforts me.