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SpendThis was written by one of my favorite minimalist bloggers, Joshua Becker. You can read the full post here.

“Whether it be our car, our house, our career, or our investment portfolio. We literally tie our hearts to certain things by the sheer amount of investment we put into them.

“Unfortunately, too many of us are tying our hearts to the wrong things.

“We are devoting our lives and tying our hearts to material possessions that will never last or bring us true joy. We shop for bigger houses, faster cars, trendier clothes and cooler technology. Subsequently, we invest so much of our time and energy into caring for them. But lasting fulfillment can never be tied to things that are temporal by nature.”

Have you ever fallen into the trap of thinking material possessions will bring you some fulfillment or fill some void?

I know I have. And it’s a lie.

But in the process of figuring this out, I realize that I  have felt fulfilled when buying something before. In the moment of making that purchase and immediately afterwards, I have felt fulfilled before.

But it’s not because the thing I just bought is fulfilling.

It’s because that feeling of contentment, of not wanting something else, is fulfilling — is freeing.

I’ve begun to notice that feeling of wanting something new, something else, has become almost burdensome to me now. Because instead of really wanting that possession, I sometimes just want that feeling of wanting it to go away — I want that feeling of contentment once again when I don’t feel like I need or want anything else. That’s when I know I don’t sincerely want that new thing — that one more thing.

So, how do you get to a place in your mind & in your heart, of not wanting something?

The allure of consumerism & materialism is hard to break!

I think we have to keep it all in perspective, and remember our hearts will follow wherever we choose to invest our time, our money, our treasures.

As Pope Francis says, “When you try to buy happiness, you see it just disappears. The only true happiness is love.”

photo credit: 401(K) 2013