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5747460606_b7795fb56e_zRight now, I know a lot of women who are expecting their first or second baby, and I hear that those nine months waiting for them to make their way into this world can seem to pass by a little slowly… 🙂

And with all those moments of waiting, all those moments of anticipation and hope, the very best thing we can do with those moments is to pray.

After all, “When your precious child makes her way into the world, you’ll do many important things for her. But none so important as prayer.

“Some days you’ll forget to read to her. Some days you’ll forget to keep working on that shoe-tying thing with him. Some days you’ll forget to sit down and have a heart-to-heart. But if you take the time to pray for your child, you’ve remembered the most important thing.

“So if you’re a mama-to-be, why not get started? Whether you’re expecting now or looking further into the future, it’s never too early – or too late – to begin praying for your children.

Heavenly Father, how I praise you for the gift of motherhood! Thank you for entrusting me with the care and nurture of a child for the time period you’ve ordained. Please keep me eve mindful that this precious child is not mine – he is yours, and you’ve charged me with a sacred task. Thank you that you will equip me to fulfill this high calling, as I abide in Christ and walk in Your grace. In Jesus Christ’s name I pray, Amen.” – Arabah Joy

Click on over to read through the scriptural verses that you can use in your prayer.