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medium_3613145612I was fascinated to read that there was a Christian campaign in New Zealand to pray for the media.

Why is it important to pray for the media?

“The media has a huge impact on us. It is an important part of the modern world, a huge influence  and authority. Therefore, we need to pray for those who create it — the producers, directors, presenters, writers, editors, advertisers, designers and all who make up the media.

“We need to pray for them to have wisdom and discernment in what they choose and create, that they can be concerned with character and integrity, rather than just ratings. We need media decision makers to be sensitive to the needs of communities and values that we are exposed to, seeking to engage us towards truth, goodness and hope. We also need to pray for Christians who work within the media, that they may be encouraged to communicate Christ through the media.”

I worked in the news business for years, and I can tell you: they need our prayers to discern what to cover and how to cover it — as much as we need to prayerfully discern how much of that information we receive, what we think about it & what we do with it…

Read more about the New Zealand Media Prayer Day here.

photo credit: moppet65535