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medium_4328303377Just a few weeks ago, I remember listening to a radio station (the one that played Christmas music exclusively!), and hearing advertisements for engagement rings every commercial. Apparently it’s that time of the year! The most popular time to get engaged is between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, and the start of wedding season a few months after that, I know that a lot of people are just now starting to plan their weddings — and, more importantly, preparing for the commitment of marriage, and what that entails.

There’s a lot of work to do before the big day (been there, done that!); a lot of it to plan the wedding and the reception afterwards, but most of it should be to prepare for the marriage, to prepare for the commitment towards your spouse.

And honestly, a lot of that work is internal. A lot of that work is on yourself.

This article is a pretty accurate portrayal of the things you should be asking yourself before you say ‘I do.’

I liked this part best:

“The best gift you can give your spouse is a commitment to work on your own spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health.”

It’s easy to look at our boyfriend, our fiance, our spouse and want them to change, but the bigger transformation will happen when we work on ourselves. And the pay-off of that? It’s one that can benefit your marriage for years to come.

My two cents is to prepare for the marriage first and foremost – even after you’re married, work on it!  Do the work on yourself, do the work with your fiance, and lay the foundation of a good marriage by being committed to improving yourself.

Sometimes doing the hard work of caring for yourself is exactly the work you need to do to care for someone else.

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photo credit: justinpocta