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stmichaelarchangel“Many have bought into the lies the world is feeding us that we should rebel against the authority of the Church and the pope while instead deciding on our own which teachings we will and will not follow. Our increasing apathy and moral relativism, heavily influenced by a culture drunk on materialism with no moral compass, is putting the Church and the world in grave danger. The Catholic Church is one of the last lines of defense against evil and we must not allow a misguided rebellion to destroy it from the inside. The Church must never conform to or be assimilated into the world. We are in the world, but not of the world and we must keep our eyes firmly on our heavenly home… It is easy to criticize the Church and conform to the world’s various influences, but perhaps today’s true Catholic rebel can stand out by embracing Church teaching, not rejecting it and following the pope’s leadership, not undermining it. If we want to truly follow Christ’s teachings, shouldn’t we do so through the very Church He founded? If we are going to be rebels, let’s rebel against the world and embrace the path to Heaven that leads through the Catholic Church.”

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There is something attractive about rebellion — about questioning the authority, about pushing back, about standing up for what’s right. But when it comes to the Church, we have to remember that the best sort of rebellion we can provide is that against the world — not the Church. The best sort of rebellion now comes in the form of discipline, self-control, and living a truly authentic Catholic life.

“What we need is more humility, total surrender and a sincere commitment to put Christ’s will before our own.” <– How beautiful is that!?