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6080569139_bdc8821d04_zHere’s one point from Ann Swindell’s 10 Things Every Newlywed Should Know — and let me tell you, this list isn’t just for newlyweds! This is definitely something all married couples should be practicing, and it’s something my husband & I definitely put into practice in our marriage:

“1. Repent and Forgive—Daily and Out Loud.

“Marriage, in all of its glory, also brings up some ugly sins. When you know you have sinned against your spouse, humble yourself and ask for forgiveness. Out loud. And tell your spouse you forgive him or her—out loud.

“Saying “I’m sorry” is different from asking “Will you forgive me?” Asking for forgiveness requires humility before God and your spouse that builds an incredible trust in marriage. Some days, you will need to repent to each other more times than you care to admit, and on those days it’s a good idea to go just to bed early and start over the next morning.”

You can read the rest here.