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medium_4729125194 (1)Marriage prep requirements are different in each diocese, but one of the options that I wish more couples took advantage of is the Engaged Encounter Retreats. I don’t think it was required where my husband & I were married, but we really enjoyed the weekend.

It’s a two-day retreat where married couples give a talk on their experiences being married — their troubles, struggles, and victories as a couple, and then the engaged couples attending the retreat would go off on their own for about 20 minutes to reflect on the talk, and write in a journal. Then, the engaged couples would get back together & look over what they wrote.

It was great! Some of the topics the married couples spoke about were having children, talking about finances together, planning for the future, making big decisions as one, etc.

I love hearing from other married couples on what worked, what didn’t work, and how they’re making things work in their situation… There’s so much to learn!

So here’s a piece of marriage advice I saw earlier today, from a woman who has been married for 50 years:

Prayer is key. Love is self-giving, and love is self-sacrificing.” – Judy Schlueter of Columbus, Ohio.

You can read more secrets to a sacramental marriage here. There’s a lot of good stuff there!

And if you’ve been married — whether for a day or for 50 years, I’d love to hear from you! What do you think makes for a sacramental marriage? 🙂 What works for you & your spouse? Share below!

photo credit: Emery Co Photo