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Here are this week’s must-reads:

+ “Sacrifice is not losing something but moving closer to Someone… Sacrifice is about detaching from one thing — to attach to a greater thing.” — Ann Voskamp

+ “I will cultivate what God gives me instead of what I wish I had.” — Lore Wilbert

+ “Prayer is the way we live our relationship — our covenant — with God: We need to pray better, because that is the only way we can live better. It is sometimes said that prayer is the breath of the spiritual life. That’s partially true. It would be more true to say that it is the breath, food, rest, shelter, and means of begetting in the spiritual life. Prayer, then, is the very life of the soul. And, since the soul is immortal, the prayer that we build up on earth will be more permanent than any buildings, memorials, cathedrals, or skyscrapers we can raise with bricks, steel, glass, or marble…” — “Understanding our Father” by Scott Hahn

+ Exciting news: John-Paul & I composed a book of novenas! It’s part of Ascension’s Pocket Guide series — it’s called The Pocket Guide to Novenas. It’s now shipping so you can order one in time for Mother’s Day! We shared a list of all the novenas included in the book here (just to name a few: St. Gianna Molla, Mary, Undoer of Knots, St. Joseph, Mother Teresa, etc.), and you can purchase the book from Ascension here, or from Amazon here (though Amazon doesn’t have it in stock quite yet — Ascension does!). We hope it helps you & your loved ones Pray More Novenas. 😉

+ “In dangers, in doubts, in difficulties, think of Mary, call upon Mary.” — St. Bernard

+ Let’s build a prayer corner! And if you sign up for the Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Collection, you get a 25% off promo code to purchase the items you see featured in that video 🙂 Sign up here and receive those promo codes!

+ “The greatest male saint who ever lived was not a deacon, not a priest, not a bishop, not a pope, not a hermit, not a monk… he was a husband, father, and a worker.” — St. Josemaria Escriva

+ “There are names more beautiful than goddess, angel, star and queen; they are wife and mother.”Fr. Raoul Plus, S.J.

+ “For better or worse” includes growing distant, struggling to connect, and yes, even falling out of love. Those things were never the point of marriage to begin with. Marriage will include hard times. It requires endurance and patience. It involves adjusting as you both change, and become very different people than those who became one flesh on the wedding day. It demands daily reliance upon God. If all of this sounds like dull drudgery to you, I would kindly suggest that you may have bought into the lie that love must be effortless to be beautiful. On the contrary, effort is not the rival of love, it is the fuel of love.” — Anneliese

+ A letter from Alice von Hildebrand on whether love is blind

+ “The cross does not bring death but life.” // “The way to our personal sanctification should daily lead us to the cross. This way is not a sorrowful one, because Christ himself comes to our aid, and in his company there is no room for sadness. I like to repeat with my soul filled with joy, there is not a single day without a cross.” – Saint Josemaría Escrivá

+ “Many people avoid hospitality because they confuse it with entertaining… Entertaining seeks to impress. Hospitality seeks to minister. Entertaining is an event. Hospitality is an attitude, a way of life. Entertaining is optional. Hospitality is commanded. Entertaining fulfills your own social needs. Hospitality meets the needs of others. Entertaining sees people. Hospitality sees souls. Entertaining is temporal. Hospitality is eternal.” — Mrs. Mary Lentz

+ 8 Simple Liturgical Living Ideas for the Month of May

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