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This week’s must-reads:

1. Saints who Struggled with Mental Illness. I had only previously known about two of the four mentioned here! I’ve called on St. Dymphna many times before to help when I’ve struggled with anxiety.

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2.  Have you abdicated your throne? St. Josemaria Escriva once asked, “How would we reply if (God) asked us: “How do you go about letting me reign in you?”

In other words, are we truly living our lives recognizing Him as our King? Do we obey Him? Do we seek out His will in our lives? Do we share His commandments with others?

Or how about this — picture a throne in your heart. Are you sitting there, or is God?

As we get closer to the start of a new Liturgical year, this is the time to ask ourselves those questions. Just as many people make new year’s resolutions, this is a good time to make some new (Liturgical) year’s resolutions — that we may re-order our lives to glorify our King… read more here.

3. “It’s vital that we present marriage in general — not just NFP — as a call to love. As long as we try to entice people into using NFP by going on and on about how it’s just as effective as artificial birth control, or how it’s the one sure path to marital bliss, then we are going to, as you say, wound people. Couples who love each other want to know HOW to love each other. They need to hear that self-sacrifice is necessary, and is something they can reasonably expect from each other. They need to hear that sacrifice is beautiful. They need to hear that most worthwhile things in life don’t come easy, and that marriage, and the joy it can bring, is worth the fight.” – Simcha Fisher

4. “What if when you feel least prepared, you’re actually most poised and primed to do the real work God is asking you to do? Maybe, just maybe, it is at those moments when you have the least energy and the fewest resources that you are able to achieve your greatest work.

Maybe it’s then, when there is nothing else in the way, when God can truly use you as the instrument He created you to be. Because then, and only then, do we need to rely on Him fully, trust Him completely, and recognize that we can only find our strength in Him.

Isn’t it at the moments of darkness and despair when God can show up in the most miraculous ways? Maybe, just maybe, when our jug is nearly dry, that is the time when we can most shine doing God’s work on earth.” – Rita

5. 12 steps to get some of the humility our world so badly needs

6.  Hoping For One More Blessing To Count: Adoption has been on my mind for years, and every time November rolls around, I get a little more intentional about praying for all the couples and families I know who desire to grow their families.

Because it’s Adoption Awareness month, and fittingly, it falls during a month when everyone is counting their blessings…

And while that’s beautiful, and something I totally stand behind, and something I consider absolutely necessary in our lives, I can’t help but think of women and families who feel like there may be one blessing or two that they don’t have around to count… yet. And that they wish, and hope, and pray, that they did.

Will you join me this month in praying for all couples and families who generously want to grow their family, share the love of Christ with others and especially with their children? (St. Anne is a perfect intercessor for this intention!)

If you don’t personally know someone in that position, that’s okay. You can “spiritually adopt” a complete stranger – your prayers won’t be wasted when you ask God to bring families together, to bring children to hopeful-parents, and to bring peace and comfort and healing to all who seek His will for their family… (read more here).

7. 9 Rules of a Happy, Long-Lasting Marriage According to Someone Who Studies Them

8. “We can only receive another human being who is entrusted to us when we ourselves are entrusted to the One who gives all life; when we live as daughters of a good Father.” – Dr. Margaret Laracy

9. How NFP has Totally Changed the Way I See Myself

10. “If you respond with love to every demand, trial and crisis… you will grow more mature, more generous, more patient, more kind and more selfless. You will be practicing a love that will change you into a new person who will be capable of living an eternity of love. That’s what the family is for— to prepare husbands, wives and children for heaven.” – Dr. William White