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As we start a new week, I’m thinking a little bit about what I’m going to say, “Yes” to this week, and what I’m going to say, “No” to…

Over the weekend, my husband & I heard a talk from Fr. Chase (here’s a clip from that talk, below) about our values, and about how how we spend our time both reflects our values and allows us to live them out more fully. He also spoke about the need to say, “No” sometimes.

It’s hard, isn’t it?

Saying, “No” to something can make us feel like we’re letting someone down, or like we’re disappointing them, or… like we’re not doing enough/being enough.

But it’s so necessary — both to take care of ourselves, and also to allow us to live our lives the way we intend to.

We can’t do 100% of every single thing that comes our way. Not everything is something we’re even called to do. We get to discern what it is we commit ourselves to, and sometimes, “No” is the right answer. Maybe that’s because we need to take care of ourselves at that time. Or maybe it’s because we have another commitment, and we can’t split our focus. Maybe it’s because we have someone else counting on us… Either way, “No” is a totally appropriate response at times, and I hope you’re able to freely say, “No” when you need to this week.

It can be a good thing to say, “No!” Because it gives you the opportunity to say, “Yes” to something else.