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A new reality show on Lifetime has piqued my interest!

The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns, while not completely accurate in its title, is so much better than I expected – especially for a reality show, and especially as it deals with Catholic sisters!

The show follows a group of young women in their twenties through a 6-week trip of convent hopping as they discern becoming sisters. In each episode, we learn a little bit more about the girls and their journey of faith, we hear about what they think of one another and what they think of the convent they’re visiting and the style of prayer they like or don’t like.

I’ve really been surprised with the series. I guess I expected the worst, as nearly all reality tv shows lack in quality of content — but “The Sisterhood” has something to offer!

My favorite parts of the show aren’t what you might expect, though — I’m not very interested in the girls that are discerning. Some of them seem more serious about the process than others; but I guess, as one of the sisters pointed out, that not all women who come to the convent to start their journey of discernment are coming as holy women… They come from all walks of life.

My favorite parts, though, are when the sisters give their on-camera interviews. So much of their time speaking is time spent dispelling myths that many people have about sisters. They talk about their pasts, the boyfriends they had before entering the convent, the things they had trouble giving up as they professed their vows, the difficulty of living with 30+ other women…

These interviews make these sisters so easy to relate to — and that’s something I’m so glad to see. These women aren’t cold, they aren’t prudes, they aren’t disinterested in the world, and they certainly weren’t trying to escape from it by entering into a convent…! Rather, they’re warm, they’re funny, they’re inviting, they’re generous, and you can really see their faith being lived out by the stories they share and the work they do. I think it’s absolutely beautiful, and I’m so glad to see Lifetime sharing some of those moments.

You can read more about The Sisterhood here.

p.s. I can’t share how much I like about The Sisterhood without really sharing… how much I like the sisterhood! 😉


This is from 2009, when I went on my own “Nun-Run” to visit the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration in Indiana.
It was an incredible experience!