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ourladyofsorrowsSeeing as how suffering is caused by sin, and the Blessed Virgin Mary was born without original sin, I’ve often to what extent the Virgin Mary suffered — how I could relate to her, and how I could pray through her intercession.

So as we celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows just a few days ago, I knew I had to read more about it…

Here’s what Fr. Steve Grunow of the Word on Fire Catholic Ministires had to say:

“We make a mistake if we think that because Mary is the Mother of God that this somehow meant that she escaped the more painful experiences of life.  In fact, it is better to think that because of the depth of her relationship with Christ, the sad facts of life were enhanced for her rather than dulled.  She experienced life knowing the full cost of humanity’s refusal to love, and saw for herself the terrible cost in the manner that her beloved Son suffered and died.

“All the while in the midst of the pain filled way of the cross she trusted that God was present, even if such a presence could not be felt or offered little in the way of relief or consolation.”

I love this.

This is something we can all relate to — either in something we’ve experienced in the past or have yet to come across, I believe each of us will experience something very similar to this in our lifetime.

And, “Like the Mother of God, the events and circumstances of life will offer us not only love, but sorrow.  In these moments the witness of the Mother of Sorrows will demonstrate to us that genuine faith is not a merely a comfort, a crutch or a diversion.  Faith in Christ does not bring with it exemption from the reality of our existence but grants us access to the divine life in all things- even suffering and even death and it is through precisely these experiences that we learn the extremity of true love.”

You can read more about Our Lady of Sorrows here.