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I sometimes joke with my husband that neither of us have a very compelling story to tell about our faith — we’re both what you would call cradle Catholics. Both of our immediate families are Catholic. We both grew up attending mass every Sunday. And for the most part, stories like those don’t stick out — because there are so many of us, and the stories sound a lot alike. But when you throw a convert into the mix, everyone wants to hear their story!

So when I found this article, I knew I had to read it — it’s from the point of view of a woman who called herself, “boringly Catholic” all her life. I can relate 🙂

Here’s what she said, though, that really stuck with me:

“While there’s much to be learned from conversion stories, there’s also much to be learned from the un-conversion stories. It’s not easy to remain faithful day in and day out, year after year. It can be tough to keep our faith vibrant through the crises and uncertainty that we encounter, to experience times of darkness and fear without wavering in our beliefs. During the “easy” times of our lives, it’s hard not to become complacent in our practice of the faith…”

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