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medium_2317862478It seems like it’s been a season of suffering for so many people…

Has it been like that for you at all?

Hang in there.

There is meaning in our suffering. There is beauty in our suffering. There is redemption in our suffering.

Leila Miller writes:

“The late, great John Cardinal O’Connor of New York once told a suffering woman, “Christ could have saved the world by His miracles, but He chose to save the world by His suffering.

“This great truth is the basis of our understanding of redemptive suffering… When offered to God, no suffering is meaningless. No suffering is wasted. No suffering is worse than death. Suffering offered in union with Christ’s Cross has explosive power, including the power to sanctify not only our own souls, but to call down grace upon others as well. The saints knew this. The saints had an abundance of grace in their own souls already, but yet the suffering they endured was profound. What was it for? What was it worth? It was offered for souls. The saints offered their sufferings for the sins of the world, for the souls of others, and it was redemptive, because it was offered in union with Christ’s suffering. This is how the Body of Christ works!”

You can read more here.

Truly, it is no doing of our own, but of uniting our will to our Lord’s that He can use our suffering for the salvation of souls.

We may never understand or know why He allows suffering to exist in our lives, but what we can do is enter into the Mystery of the Cross through our prayers and the intercession of our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and we can become closer to Our Lord, and more at peace, through our suffering if we unite it to His.

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