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This week’s notable reads…

1.“It takes a daring soul to be married.”Fr. Nathan Cromly 

2.“It’s important for the kids to see us praying through our joy and our stress.” – Sara Estabrooks did an interview with Katie Warner over at the National Catholic Register

3. “We struggle to understand how to live moral lives, lives of purpose, and we must do so through small, everyday battles. Something in The Sound of Music, despite its hammy moments, its simplistic moments, and its overly romanticized views of complicated people, reminds us that we are at heart meant to serve each other.” – Bethanne Patrick

4. “Infertility also brought me closer to God, strengthened my marriage and toughened me up. And I know I was supposed to find joy in suffering, but I don’t know if I ever got quite that far. Joy aside, it did teach me more than I ever hoped to know about suffering. And crying. And jealousy. And confession. And redemption. And grace. And miracles. And God’s ability – and desire – to make all things new.” – Karey Nobles

5. “It’s not a matter of either having biological or legally adopted children, or being childless. No! A mother is the very essence of femininity. We have got to be mothers! It’s interesting that sometimes even little girls already understand this in the way they help their little sister or brother. I totally reject the idea that you are not a mother unless you have children of your own… You are called to motherhood right now. Not next week, not next month. I’m absolutely convinced that God has placed people in your path and called you to motherhood. Your task is to love those that are weak, unhappy, helpless, and unloved. Sometimes you can do this just by saying one word. At other times you’ll just have to listen. In every life there is suffering; most people keep it inside. When they feel loved, they will open up and tell you about their suffering. Then you will find that by carrying other people’s suffering your own suffering becomes lighter… ” – Alice von Hildebrand

6. “Pope Paul VI warned that a contracepting world becomes a world of rampant infidelity; a world where women and childbearing are degraded; a world in which governments trample on the rights and needs of the family; and a world in which human beings believe they can manipulate their bodies at will (see HV 17).” – The Cor Project

7. “How does Lent lead to healing? Accompanying Christ into the tomb, we arise with Him on Easter, a new creation.” – Kathleen Beckman

8. “When we look at our Mother, we see that suffering doesn’t have to destroy us. It doesn’t have to define us. When we’re living for the Lord, suffering is still ugly and it still hurts. But even in that anguished moment, that pain can be transformed into the joy and peace and surrender of this Alaskan Pietà (click through to the article to see the photo). With Mary, we can say, “Yes, Father,” we can choose to praise him and find a sense of the peace that comes of knowing how wildly we are loved.” – Meg Hunter-Kilmer

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