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5909808851_c8e735f085_zI’m talking about Theology of the Body 🙂

When a couple’s relationship is characterized by a love that is free, total, faithful and fruitful, then they are able to experience the joy God intended for them and so reflect God’s love to the world,” he said (Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver), emphasizing the importance of both natural family planning and Theology of the Body for couples and their understanding of sexuality.

“However, when a couple uses contraception, they contradict this message of total self-giving, he stated.

“They say rather, ‘I give you part of myself, but I also deliberately withhold part of myself,’” Archbishop Aquila noted, believing that this is why the use of contraception is deceptive.”

You can read more about “the Church’s best-kept secret” here.

photo credit: John Hope Photography