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It’s that time of year again, I’m sharing my yearly gift guide!

This year, I thought I’d make a Christmas gift idea list for three groups of people: one for women, one for men, and one for our parents & in-laws.

For each group, I’m sharing a few options of gifts that fall into the categories of “Want, need, wear, and read.” I hope these ideas help! 🙂

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for a list of free gift ideas that you and your husband can give to one another — some of those are my very favorites!

Gifts for Women:

Want: (Faux) Leather tote bag // Three pearl necklace (comes in gold, silver and rose gold) // Our Lady of Perpetual Help wall plate // Dainty Blessed Virgin Mary ring

Need: Copper measuring spoons and cups // Jewelry box // Scarf and hat

Wear: Short sleeve puffy vest (I have one of these and wore it every week last winter) // Funnel neck cable sweater // Sweater with rhinestone buttons // Crystal shoe clips

Read: Catholic Planner // He Leadeth Me // Praying the Rosary Like Never Before

Gifts for Men:

Want: Portable campfire // Portable speaker (We have this and it’s fantastic — we’ve had it for a few years now, I use it for music in the kitchen and for all of our parties) // St. JP II leather mug holders

Need: Men’s leather belt // Reflective armbands for outdoor walking/running // Outdoor camping chair // Flat Rosary card

Wear: Corduroy button-up shirt (bought this for my husband last Christmas and he loves it) // Wool 3/4 zip sweater // Men’s thermal undershirt

Read: Through the heart of St. Joseph // Jesus of Nazareth // The Art of Living // Discernment of Spirits in Marriage

Gifts for Parents Or In-Laws:

Want: French Press Coffee Maker // Waterproof outdoor blanket // Air fryer // Picture frame // Beeswax Candles //

Need: Insulated coffee mug // Organic coffee beans // Extra long iphone charger // Infused olive oil gift set

Wear: Unisex plaid scarf // Wool socks — for women, for men // Eternity cross bracelet, Names of Jesus necktie // Pro-life pin

Read: Seeking God’s Face, Meditations for the Church Year // The Vatican: All The Paintings // Word on Fire Bible, The Gospels // Finding Fulfillment and Freedom in Christ

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    Lastly! I wanted to also share a gift idea list of things that don’t cost anything to give.

    Here’s a blog post from many, many years ago with a great list.

    And here’s a list I wrote just this week — many of these are experiential type of gifts:

    + Pray a novena for them! We’ll pray the Christmas Novena leading up to Christmas, so that’s a perfect one to do 🙂

    + Look up a choreographed dance (so many on youtube or even Instagram) and learn it together

    + Create a “choose your own adventure” book for local places in town — for a rainy day, a sunny day — places you’ve never been before, and old favorites. It’ll be something you can use for many months or throughout the year!

    + Wrap a shoe box and cut a slit in it, and every day before Christmas, starting on the 1st, write something you’ve grateful for about your spouse — put it in the box and open it on Christmas Day together. You could also write little memories of one another — things you loved about those moments.

    + Choose something to fast from for a specific amount of time before Christmas — make this an offering up type of prayer for your spouse — for something specific for them, but don’t let them know until Christmas.

    + Look up the recipe for a meal you would normally only order at a restaurant and cook it together with some Italian bistro music playing in the background.

    + Find a love song or a poem that makes you think of your spouse and share those with one another on Christmas day, maybe sharing or writing in a letter what about it made you think of them.

    + Recreate one of your first dates — the meal, a movie, a dance.

    + Look through your wedding pictures or videos together and reminisce. Share your favorite moments about that day.

    + Put together a slide show of pics of you two and what you’ve done in the last few years together. Add some music. Then watch it together on Christmas with a dessert or a drink.

    Okay, that’s about all for now! 🙂 We’ll get back to our normal 1 blog post per week next Tuesday.