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5959483288_de06be85cf_zThis was originally posted during National infertility Awareness Week.

1 in 8 couples will suffer with infertility. I’m betting that you know someone in your close circle of friends or family that are suffering with it right now. It’s often a silent cross couples carry, but even so, I believe as Catholics that no one is meant to carry their cross alone.

So how can you support your family and friends that are suffering with infertility? Or, on the other hand, if you and your husband are suffering, how can you let your loved ones know how they can help? Amanda Teixeira of True Good and Beautiful has you covered HERE.

To learn the basics about infertility, check out this page.

To know what options there are for couples to heal and conceive, which are in alignment with Church teaching, read this post. 

Some topics of conversation can be more sensitive when you’re suffering with infertility, and some things people say can be more painful than others. Here’s what not to say to a couple suffering with infertility

What about your friends and family who just began suffering with infertility and feel abandoned by the Church? Jenny Uebbing of Mama Needs Coffee (don’t we all?!) can shed some light on how the Church cares deeply for infertile couples HERE, and the advances the Church is making to help couples become parents.

Suffering with any cross, infertility included, can be hard to communicate. What are the right words to explain how you feel to someone who has never dealt with that same situation? Molly from Molly Makes Do has a great analogy HERE.

Additionally, here’s a look at what it’s like to be open to life, without the fruit of children, in marriage, by Stephanie at Blessed to Be.

Please join me in praying for all couples suffering with infertility in any manner!

And for a few more resources…

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photo credit: John Hope Photography