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I love this image of Jesus carrying one of His sheep on His shoulders.

This is what He does for us over and over again: He carries our weight, He lets us rest, He takes us back home.

And He rejoices when He does this.

He doesn’t say, “Not again!” and angrily give up on us.

I want to be more like Him… towards Him… in our relationship.

That’s what I wrote about in this week’s Catholic Wife, Catholic Life Newsletter on Patreon (you can sign up for it here).

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Here’s this week’s prayer:

Father in Heaven, I remember a time when I was that lost sheep and when You looked for me. I remember when You carried me. And I remember times when I felt like I was so far away from You that I couldn’t see you off in the distance, though I trust that You were there. I know You love me and I want to love You more. I know you carry me and I want to trust in Your grasp — in how you’re holding me through what I’m going through right now. Please be with me this week and make Your presence even more clear. Amen.

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