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5276545171_6c7239e801_zI read this the other day and absolutely loved it.

“Job treasured his children. In detailing Job’s wealth, the author lists his children first and foremost to tell us that Job loved them more than anything else in his possession…

“In the ancient world, children were treasured as a reward and a blessing from God. A lot of children meant you were abundantly blessed.

“As Catholics, I believe we need to recover the idea that children are a reward. We all know the Church’s teaching on artificial contraception, but if we aren’t careful, we can still be very easily influenced by the cultural thinking about children. We can value a big house and a new car more than we do the gift of new life. This is wrong. I can tell you from experience that where there are children, there is always joy. Let’s learn from Job to celebrate our children as the greatest treasure we can possesses.”

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photo credit: John Hope Photography